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Here's a preview to the book/story (I hope it can become a book someday) I'm writing. I just thought to post it here, seeing as how I haven't posted anything yet. No, it's not going to be your cliche drug story, or at least, I'm trying to avoid that. It's pretty much going to be off the wall, I've got all the huge scenes planned already... but yeah. Maybe one day I'll talk about the plot... or maybe not, the element of surprise is a wonderful thing.

_____"Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!"
_____Innumerable hours ago, on the other end of the phone line to which Marcella was the receiver came the panicked voice of Adelaide DeValeuma, sweating to the white noise in the backdrop.
_____Adelaide was born with the name Trinity Marlot, given to her by her obsessively religious mother. She loathed being addressed as a noun, especially one that referred to the honor and belief that god has three states of being: father, son, and holy spirit, so at the ripe age of eighteen, she had it changed. Now she was legally Adelaide, meaning noble and kind, deriving from the German words adal and heid. Though far from a new comer to the drug business, she'd still hurt no more than an insect. Not so coincidently, she was ripped out on Valium at the time, hence: DeValeuma.

_____The active ingredient in Valium is benziodiazepine, which are depressants used to produce sedation, induce sleep, relieve anxiety and muscle spasms. They're also used to prevent seizures. In high doses, benziodiazepines act as hypnotics when ingested in high doses, anxiolytics in moderate doses, and sedatives in low doses. Also present in Valium is diazepam. Repeated use of high doses of benziodiazepine can result in amnesia, hostility, irritability, and vivid or disturbing dreams. Over the course of time, a tolerance does build and physical dependence may take effect.

_____Through the miniature phone came helpless and incomprehensible squeals.
_____"What? What the fuck is wrong? Calm down!"
_____Wide-eyed and red hands quivering, "Your name is Simon Dickson and the last thing you remember is toking that bong."
_____"What are you talking about?"
_____"The last thing you remember is toking that bong."

_____Secluded in her room, she had just popped four more Valium tablets, putting her at what would be the suicidal dosage for any other being. Desperately searching for more, which she could have sworn she was in possession of, she came across a small box filled with twelve miniscule jars, each filled with 100mg of liquid Ketamine. Instantly she remembered where they had come from, how could she forget? Marcella had misplaced the Ketamine stash months ago, tripping on Codeine and mescaline, she had gone off on an abstract, violent rage, mainly because of how difficult it was to acquire the drug, partly because Marcella was a generally violent girl.
_____Ketamine is marketed as a dissociative anaesthetic for human and veterinary use. The only way to obtain this drug is through pharmaceutical sources. More commonly used for veterinary purposes as of late, there have been numerous records of veterinary clinics being robbed specifically for their Ketamine supply.
_____"Well... I fell into the K-Hole and..."
_____"Wait- you found all that Ketamine?"
_____Checking the expiration date on the tiny bottles, she discovered that the liquid was still potent and proceeded to pour five jars into her diet Dr. Pepper. A flavorless additive, she emptied the bottle's remaining contents in one gulp.

_____Ketamine can be found in either liquid or powder form, in which both can be smoked, injected or drank. A low dose of Ketamine, varying from 25mg to 100mg, produces mellow, colorful, sort of fantasy-resembling, psychedelic visual effects similar to LSD, with the physical effects of PCP, but only lasting up to an hour. On occasion, however, and depending on the dosage, the Ketamine trip may last from four to six hours. Coming off the high can take up to forty-eight hours. Large doses cans end the user into a violent, aggressive, state and may result in vomiting and convulsions. One gram, equivalent to 1,000mg, leads to death.

_____Within minutes, still searching for that misplaced Valium, she found herself stumbling around, muscles twitching. Upon sitting down, due to not being able to hold herself up, she fell backwards and her eyes grew wide with thoughts of sudden revenge. "Dickson! What the fuck did I ever do to him?" she muttered angrily to herself, "I could kill that little bitch."
_____Simon Dickson was obliviously sitting in the next room, loaded bong in hand, he had done nothing to Adelaide. Down the corridor from the closed room Adelaide was confined in, came the bubbling music emitted by Dickson's eight inch tall blue bong.
_____Simon is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Shim'on, which means "listening." Though no one could really state how much of a listener Simon was, others were undoubtedly doomed to listen to his incessant bitching. Dickson meant simply "son of Dick," though he was pretty much a dick on his own. Simon ran the ring in the Northwest region of the US, the unimportant states that weren't really depended on, but this was a nationwide thing. He was much too incompetent, however, to be doing business in Washington, the heroin capital. How is it possible that the drug dealer gets ripped off? It doesn't take much to outsmart Simon, so that numerous strung out beings just looking for a fix are able to do it, leaving Adelaide to make the intermittent rounds north.
_____After collapsing for the last time and pushing herself up on all fours, Adelaide spotted a razorblade laying on the cherry wood dresser in front of her. She rose to the kneeling position to reach the blade. Upon picking it up, she noticed that it was coated in a loose blanket of white powder. The actual substance lacked importance, but knowing that whatever it was it would produce some effect, she licked the blade.

_____Since Ketamine is primarily an anaesthetic, it stops the user from experiencing pain, which may lead to inadvertent self inflicted injuries.

_____Eyes fixed on the blade and blood-red lips parted, she spoke: "Your name is Simon Dickson and the last thing you remember is toking that bong."
_____On hands and knees, she pushed open her bedroom door and crawled down the corridor with the blade pressing into her palm. Leaving a trail on the white carpet, she slowly made her way to those familiar white walls, white sofa, and black lacquer table.
_____"Your name is Simon Dickson..."
_____Incoherent consonants and syllables to almost warn the prey.
_____Adelaide rose in front of Simon, dripping red.
_____"What the fuck happened to you?!"
_____Attempting with all her strength to stand in front of him, her knees buckled and she fell forward.
_____"...and the last thing you remember is toking that bong."
_____"What are you talking about?" He caught her as she collapsed on top of him.
_____Squirming and struggling to move her limps, she reached up with her wounded hand and pushed the razorblade into his neck and falls back.
_____With the Ketamine still in effect, she giggled. The Valium still in effect, she couldn't move, though she had the strongest desire to dance around that red-stained room. Without the ability to move, she invariably fell asleep in her position.
_____Waking to an alien taste in her mouth as well as an alien color to the room, Marcella was naturally the first person Adelaide thought to confide in, as a veteran to the murder scene.
_____"I don't know what happened."
_____I'm covered in blood.
_____I'm so scared."
_____"What the fuck are you trying to say?"
_____"I think... I may have killed Dickson."
_____"What the hell? Okay... where is Holden?"
_____"I... I can't remember..."
_____"Alright, is there any blood on the carpet or walls?"
_____"You need to hurry up and rip up the carpet before the blood sinks into the floor boards and scrub and bleach the walls. Wrap Simon in a trap and conceal the body and any other evidence. I'm in Austin right now, it'll take some hours, but I'll be there to help you."
_____The only difference between murder and celebrity is a studio audience.

Remember, it's just a draft. It needs some work, I'm well aware, but this is the jist of it.
I'm down with constructive criticism, but if you're going to straight up throw a "fuck you bitch this is fucking horrible" at me, then I'll kill you.
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