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3+ sentences about you: I want to learn German. I analyze everything far too much. I rarely consider compliments, due to underlying motives of the giver. I think addictions and obsessions are intriguing. I went to my first concert at 8 years old-I saw INXS.
how long have you been into creative arts? I've loved drawing ever since I was little. my mom tells me that she could give me crayons and paper and I would be occupied for hours. pretty neat.
name some of your favorite artists/writers/photographers: well for the first part i'm not sure if artists means musicians or not, or both. but i will just go for what i think it means and say i've been interested in a lot of 16th century art currently as well as surrealist stuff like yves tanguy. two of my favorite paintings are the Garden of Earthly Delights (hieronymous bosch) and the View of Toledo (el greco). i'm juggling a bunch of books right now, trainspotting (welsh) invisible monsters (palahniuk) and i just started this collection of works by edgar allan poe. i enjoy the "explicit" david lachapelle, the creepiness of erwin olaf, and i think that matthew barney's work is haunting yet beautiful


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