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Hey there. Awhile ago in this community, I posted chapter 2 to this story I'm writing. If you've read it and want to see more, I've decided to post chapter 8. It's pretty much just a lot of stories convoluted into one big chapter, but I need to know if it's comprehendable. Let me know what you think, all contructive critisism is welcome.

_____Greyhound ticket to Manhattan, NY, sixty or so bucks.
_____Everything and anything he was holding, mindblowing well over fifty grand at the time.
_____Years of nothing but travel and deals, this was pure simplicity

_____“I was 22 when I first when to an NA meeting.” You always meet the most characteristic people on a bus. “Look at these tracks.” The street name for morphine is heroin. “But I couldn’t do it. That’s when I left Mississippi. My second meeting happened at 25, I was in Ontario. I was clean for about a month. Those guys are harsh. ‘If you ever come in here fucked up, we will fuck you up,’ they always said. During that month I was so depressed, the withdrawals made me equivalent to nothing. The addiction- it felt like home, you know? It was always something to go back to.”

_____“I’ve got Darvocet and Darvon. DMT, DPT, DiPT, DMAE, DXM, DXO and DOI. Vicodin, Valium, Lortab and Hycomine. Oxycodone and OxyContin. Amphetamines up the ass and some of the most beautiful nug .”

_____“My most recent meeting was two months ago, I’m 27. Back and forth, it’s kind of like the weather. Droughts and blizzards, winds and sunshine.”

_____“I broke into a gun store once. My alcohol level was well over the legal limit. I had been on speed and I was smoking… bud. I had taken maybe four morphine tablets, my parents are both doctors, somehow I always managed to jack something or the other from them.”

_____You hear so many different stories, they all end up blending together. It’s not like connecting the narrator to his plot matters much in these situations.

_____“Meth and coke. Shrooms. Acid. X- based anyway you’d want it. Mescaline, Percocet, Xanax, Librium, Pethidine. You into barbiturates? I’ve got Brevital, Surital, Pentothal, Nembutal, Seconal, Butisol, Luminal and Meberal.”

_____“I went to school in Australia, I lived in Sydney. This was back when I dealt so much, it was almost astounding that I hadn’t been caught at that time, seeing as how it was a very close community. I had been using some of the money I made from dealing to pay for school, the rest I only used to buy more. I studied Science. Chemicals and their components. Molecules and atoms and changing atomic structure. It was the middle of my sophomore year and best friend had came by. We were heading to a New Years party, nothing special, just that.”

_____“That night, the fuse in my mind had literally blown. You know how abstract a bad trip can turn out. I can’t even remember why, I was alone. All I can really recall was that I wanted to die. I walked to this gun shop, which wasn’t very close to where I lived at the time. On the way, I popped some Desoxyn and Dexedrine.”

_____“Now I’m heading to New York from Canada. I don’t know why I end up moving around so much, I’m not exactly trying to escape anything, or it’s subconscious. I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore.”

_____“Before he came by, though, I had already had two caps, and I had shot enough to feel good to head out to the party. This was one of those generic college parties, draining keg after keg after keg. My boy came by and we ended up buying a quarter gram of H. We shot a bit until we broke out the Valium. Crushed and dissolved, we shot some, as well as dropped some. With that, we went to the party and drank more than I thought was possible, but it was probably just my mindset. ”

_____“I dropped the last bit of morph tablets that I had on me in Syracuse, but I’ve got a few filled ampoules. TMA-2 and 6. Ether and chloroform and flunitrazepam- but only colored tablets. 2C-B, C, D, E, I, N, and P. 2C-T-2, 21, 4, and 7. 5-MeO-AMT, DALT, DiPT, DMT, and MIPT.”

_____“A shotgun was sitting in my hands when the cops came. Startled, I had pointed the shotgun in one’s direction, continuously telling him, ‘you’re fucking dead.’ I repeated that line a good few times whne I was hauled out by two armed officers, kicking and screaming, blood boiling and steaming.”

_____“Eventually, still drinking, we ended up just doing the rest of that smack. We were both feeling fine, as far as I knew, just chillin’ and talking shit to each other like only a fifteen year friendship can ensue. Sometime during that I drifted off, but when I woke up, my boy was dead. I could tell by his face, it was as though the reddish tone that keeps you alive had drained out of him and from his mouth. Blood sat on his lips and down his cheek. That blood was combined with a good amount of beer that he’d thrown up and breathed in. This sort of thing had happened before, but I was always able to revive him. On an attempt to give him mouth to mouth, I could only hear a gurgling in his lungs. He had drowned due to an OD. It’s funny though, we’d always used to joke about this crazy mafia dealer we’d made up who sold the ‘killer’ shit. I guess he finally got a chance to meet the big shit.”

_____“So, what’s your poison?”

If you want to read more, I will continuously be posting progress in darvocets
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